About Jon


Jon Dedman is an experienced, full time guitar teacher who has been playing guitar for over 20 years. He is a member of the Registry of Guitar Tutors.

He has been teaching for over 10 years and currently teaches about 30 students of different ages and abilities (including children) .
He holds a diploma in contemporary music performance from ICMP (formerly the Guitar Institute) where he studied with some of the UK’s top guitarists including: Dario Cortese (Spice Girls, Larry Carlton, Brent Mason, Albert Lee); Lee Hodgeson (Stevie Wonder, Odyssey); Iain Scott (Beach boys, Frank Gambale). He has studied privately with Youtube guitar teaching sensation Justin Sandercoe (Katie Melua, The Counterfiet Stones). He also has a grade 8 with distinction in Acoustic Guitar from the London College of Music.
He has played in several covers bands and a blues band as well as solo.

Styles and levels taught

I teach all ages, all styles and all levels.

The majority of people I teach are beginners or complete beginners and I tend to start people on basic rhythm guitar and chords. Check out my free lessons page too!

Beyond this I specialise in Acoustic Guitar, mainly Fingerstyle and Fingerpicking. I also specialise in Blues.

During my own studies I have covered every style from Pop to Heavy Metal, Country, Funk, and Jazz.

I also teach music theory, sight reading, song-writing, and Improvisation.

Jon’s teaching philosophy


I believe that anyone can learn anything! There is no such thing as a tone deaf person, someone who can’t sing or doesn’t have any musical ability. If you want to learn something then you can. If you are willing to put in a little bit of practice each day then i can help you to achieve your musical goals.

I start all my lessons with a trial lesson where we outline together your learning goals. Lessons then proceed with those goals in mind. However, I like to keep the emphasis on the fun and try to ensure that you are enjoying, and getting the most out of your lessons that you can. I want you to look forward to your practice!

If you are a complete beginner then i will usually start you learning common chords, rhythms, and basic technique. There is no reason you should not be playing along with your first song in our trial lesson.

I will then guide you through your first few songs helping you learn to change between chords and then through more complex strumming and chord techniques.

As you become confident in basic rhythm guitar I will work with you on more songs of your own choosing. I try to get you working on the songs that you want to learn from as early as possible.

And from there on in, anything goes. From Fingerstyle to Jazz the choice is yours!

The key to your progression will be your own practice though, and I recommend a minimum of between 15 and 20 minutes a day when first starting.

The key is to do a little bit every day rather than try and fit everything into one long session.

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